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Players learn proper footwork when making a 90-degree change of direction on the basketball court. Setup: Four lines of players spaced about 12 to 15 feet apart (first at 3-point line left corner, second at lane’s edge, third at other lane’s edge, fourth at three point line right corner). Execution: 1. oach says “ready.” 2.

Strength Training For Basketball - Washington Huskies

week weight training, are strongly encouraged to go on vacation, or train on their own. 3. Offseason 3: (July) Strength training 4x per week, 2x per week SPARQ Training before workouts 1x general conditioning post workout (treadmill sprint work) . Open gym 5-6x per week, athletes individual workouts on their own 4-6x per week. 4.

Shooting Workouts 200 Made Shots Shooting Workout

Shooting Workouts 200 Made Shots Shooting Workout: Mikan Drill – 20 makes. Form Shooting: One Hand – 3 Feet Out – 10 makes. Form Shooting: One Hand – 5 Feet Out – 10 makes. Form Shooting: One Hand – 7 Feet Out – 10 makes. Free Throws – 10 makes. Elbow to Elbow – 20 makes. 5 Spot Midrange – 25 ...

Summer Basketball Conditioning

Workout #1 Hang Cleans/40 -50% of body weight 6 7 8 DB Incline Bench Press -20lbs. add if you need it. 8 8 8 Reverse Hypers - strength ball 12 12 12 BB Front Squats -hold DB on shoulder 8 8 8 BB High Pulls-alternate/Rt -Lt-Together 6 Workout #2 DB Floor Press -15lbs. add 5lbs.ea. set 12

8 Week Bodyweight Strength Program for Basketball Players

planes of motion as well as from a variety of angles. For more in depth information on core training, we recommend the Medicine Ball Workouts and On Court Strength Workout PDF’s available at Shop.StrongerTeam.com. Strength Training Safety, time efficiency, and intensity are the backbone of this training program. Our main focus is to facilitate

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Perimeter Player Workout: DRILL Min Shots DESCRIPTION Jump Rope 5 Form Shooting 1 2 30 Nose under rim, nothing but net. One hand only. Focus on releasing up. Ball Handling 4 Dribbling; stationery and moving, 1-on-1 moves, etc. Free Throws 1 2 10 2 Ball Handling 2 Work w/ two basketballs on the move. Form Shooting 2

Ball Handling/Driving Workout 3. - Smithville School District

Post Workout 1) Weak Hand warm up a. Make 5 weakhand reverse layups driving with weakhand from each wing (10 total layups) 7) Post Up Series a. Player spins ball to self in post, then execute a move—make 5 of each move b. Moves (always start midde; right of left block): i. Hook Shot/Turn Around Shot ii. Ball Fake Hook Shot/Turn Around iii.


(i.e. playing pick-up, individual workouts, etc.) read the Aerobic and Anaerobic Training Chapters prior to performing the summer conditioning program. Remember: Running is specific to basketball, but you may use different modes of training for variety (Stairmaster, treadmill, stationary bike, etc.). Use the

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workouts for year-round strength and speed training for basketball. It includes a beginner’s program as well as all the necessary drills and exercises to improve strength, speed, agility, explosiveness, conditioning and much more! Plyometrics are included as you progress through the program so this workout can be incorporated with it or